Paying For Orthodontic Care: A Guide To Your Options

WE DON’T SIMPLY straighten teeth and correct bites at our practice—we educate our patients! From the moment you walk through our door to the moment you schedule your next appointment, we’re prepared to guide you through each step of your visit.

One topic we are often asked about is paying for your orthodontic care. Straightening your teeth doesn’t have to clean out your wallet, so today we want to provide you with all of the information you need to know when you’re scheduling your orthodontic consultation!  Our initial consultations are always free and include 2 digital x-rays and a series of photographs.  You and your dentist will receive copies of these images.  After a thorough exam, you will receive a detailed post-exam letter sent to your e-mail and a fee sheet if any treatment is recommended.

We Have Payment Options To Suit Your Needs

Dental Insurance

We accept almost all insurance companies.  We are in-network with Delta Dental of Washington and Premera.  We confirm your benefits before treatment is started so we can give you the most accurate 'out-of-pocket' fees as possible.  We also work hard to take full advantage of your benefits. 

Financing Options

Because all of our financing is done in house, we are able to offer various payment plans and are able to work with the patients to make orthodontic treatment affordable.  Our payment plans can be flexible. 

We also offer:
*Pay in full discounts
*Family discounts
*Phase I discounts

Bright, Healthy Smiles Are Priceless

Whichever option you choose, we are committed to providing our patients with quality, personalized care. If you have any questions about payment for your orthodontic care or if you’re curious about specific treatment pricing for yourself or someone you care about, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help you receive the care you need at the price that fits your budget.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust our practice.


The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

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